Travel without barriers

Accessible, safe and comfortable: Costa ships offer everyone the chance to discover the world in complete freedom.


Nothing is more important than the well-being and the enjoyment of our guests. That’s why every detail on our ships is designed for you to enjoy your dream vacation. We offer the following services upon request:

- Specially equipped cabins
- Silent Call device for the hearing impaired
- Boarding for your guide dog
- Markings and braille inscriptions on the elevators and the doors of the cabins
- Space for wheelchairs in buffet restaurants and the theater
- Private transfers to the port (extra charge)

Information and Reservations

If you need particular assistance and/or medical equipment, we advise you to travel with a companion. 
For more information and bookings, you can call us at 1-800-GO-Costa (1-800-462-6782), or request a callback for us to contact you or your travel agency.

Comfortable Cabins

Your oasis of relaxation is spacious, with a door width of 34.6 to 35.4 inches, for convenient access for chairs and walkers. The shower is equipped with a retractable seat with special handles. Bathroom and living area are equipped with emergency buttons.

Freedom of movement

Public areas, hallways and doors are designed for maximum ease of access and passage for guests with reduced mobility. We recommend taking a manual wheelchair on board or one with an E-Fix electric engine.

Accessible shore excursions

Before departure, you can request a shore excursion suited for special needs or the chance to customize the service according to your needs. Onboard, you will find specialized personnel who will help you make your decisions.

“Adagio Tour”: explore at your pace

On vacation, everyone has their own pace. That’s why we created shore excursions that are accessible to all—designed for guests who like to experience their journey in peace and relaxation.

The new “Adagio Tour” is available exclusively on the Costa Smeralda Mediterranean cruises:

in every port we dock in, we have planned group shore excursions accessible to everyone.

The list of “Adagio Tour” itineraries includes visits to the cities of Genoa, Pisa, Marseilles, Barcelona, Palermo, Rome, Palma de Mallorca and Cagliari.

The “Adagio Tour” is designed for guests who want to experience shore excursions with a more relaxed pace, with more time to savor the pleasure of visiting and discovering the destinations and attractions in peace. This makes them particularly suitable for parents with strollers, the elderly and people with permanent or temporary physical disabilities.

Disembarkation safety

Everyone can disembark safely using the special gangway connecting it to the mainland. Only in special circumstances—for example, in ports where the ship cannot dock and the disembarkation occurs within the roadstead by special tender boats, or if the complete safety for guests with reduced mobility cannot be guaranteed due to sea conditions—it will be the direct responsibility of the Commander to assess and authorize the means of disembarkation.