The recipe for happiness

A dining experience that satisfies the palate and thrills the senses, created by a great chef: Bruno Barbieri

One menu, two anniversaries

Recipes that demonstrates 40 years of experience, in the menu created by Bruno Barbieri, we see a lifetime dedicated to the culinary arts. Twelve brand new courses to celebrate the story of a great Chef, and the 70 years of Costa.

A culinary journey

The menu is a wonderful voyage through flavors that have inspired the Chef over the years. From Emilian to Romagnola cuisine, to international recipes he created on cruise ships. Unique experiences that gave life to extraordinary dishes.

Who is Bruno Barbieri

Born in Medicina in the Bologna province, Bruno Barbieri is an Italian Chef with the most Michelin stars. He started his journey on cruise ships where he learned multiple culinary dishes from around the world. After years of experience in the most prestigious Italian and international venues, he finally opened his own restaurants and his career took off. He is the author of 11 cookbooks, and since 2011 he is a judge on Masterchef Italy and the star of popular television programs.