How to dress on a cruise?

Our tips on how to dress for all the events and occasions you will enjoy on a cruise.

The right outfit

You need the right clothing during your Costa vacation for day, night and on shore excursions. The closets and cabinets in our cabins are very spacious, and every ship has an shopping gallery and a laundry service.

Every experience...

Dress to impress

On the ship – at the restaurant

Although the rooms are luxurious, the atmosphere is relaxed. For elegant evenings, a dress for ladies and long pants with a shirt for gentlemen. Remember to bring white, red and green clothing and accessories for the Italian evening.

On the ship – in the evening

An evening with music, the theater or a nightclub? Dress to impress One very special night will require all white clothing, but remember to bring a wrap or light jacket when you gaze at the moon on the deck.

On the ship – by day

Whatever the season of your Costa Cruise, always save a place in your luggage for clothing to wear at the swimming pool, the spa and some casual day wear. You can wear a sportier outfit in the gym or to play games and sports on board.

Shore excursions – on the beach

Swimsuit, cover-up, hat, sunglasses... life on the beach requires minimal effort and little space!

Shore excursions – in the city and museums

But be prepared: we always recommend a waterproof jacket, comfortable closed-toe shoes and clothing that can be layered for any sudden changes in temperature.

Shore excursions – sports and adventure

For very different cases, some examples? Windproof jackets and boots for walking on glaciers, mask and flippers for diving, light clothing and long sleeves for desert shore excursions...

Man, woman or child?

Check out the list and get ready to go!




✓ long pants

✓ elegant dress

✓ suit for him and dress for her

✓ shirt

✓ shoes and evening bag

✓ sweatshirt or a jacket

✓ tie (not compulsory)

✓ a wrap or shawl

✓ t-shirt

✓ sweater

✓ t-shirt

✓ shorts

✓ closed shoes

✓ shorts

✓ pants or leggings

✓ t-shirt

✓ long pants

✓ swimsuit

✓ shorts

✓ swimsuit

✓ bathrobe

✓ jeans

✓ beach cover-up

✓ hat or cap with visor

✓ swimsuit

✓ slippers

✓ pajamas

✓ waterproof jacket

✓ closed-toe shoes

✓ sneakers and slippers



If you require further information, please contact your travel agency or our cruise Experts.

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