Telecommunications on your cruise, always connected

Using Internet services, Wi-Fi and phone you can stay in touch with your world while at sea

On vacation, there's nothing better than taking a spectacular picture that you can instantly share with friends on social networks: bring your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

With the Wi-Fi on board (or at the Internet Point) you can stay in touch with work if your colleagues can't do without you and read your latest emails.

So afterwards you will really feel like you’re on vacation.

Every ship in the fleet offers satellite Internet access 24 hours a day. You can connect through Wi-Fi on board or at theInternet Point.
You can connect to Wi-Fi on board with your personal computer, iPad, iPhone, smartphone or by using the PCs at the Internet Point. Instructions for access and service costs are available on board. You can access the internet with one device at a time; the cost of the service will be charged directly to your Costa card.

To access the PCs at the Internet Point, simply swipe your Costa card or follow the instructions to log in manually. Computers are not equipped with Microsoft applications, they do not allow connection to personal devices like digital cameras, or to download programs. Printers are also available at the Internet Point (charge applied for this service).

Wi-Fi is available in the public areas of the ship and in all the cabins. Before logging in, remember to verify the connection settings of your iPad, iPhone or smartphone to improve your on-board Wi-Fi experience. We suggest you limit the downloading of videos and large files. Automatic updates of your PC, iPad or smartphones will affect duration, speed and price of the connection. You may often have background applications on your devices of which you are unaware. We recommend that you disable them (with the exception of the antivirus) while you are sailing, as they could slow down browsing and have a considerably increase the price.

Data package
The perfect package for those who want to surf occasionally, check emails or post on social networks. It allows unlimited Internet access, until the pre-paid data threshold is reached. There are several options, from 250 MB to 3 GB.

Social package
For guests who can’t do without their social networks, chats or who want to share photos with friends. From only €5 per day, it includes access to the following social networks or services: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Threema, Snapchat, Googleplus, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Xing, LinkedIn. You can buy it for a day or for the entire cruise.

You can also choose to browse the Internet “as you go” at a rate starting from €0.25/minute. The account creation fee is €3 (one-off payment).
Remember that with the account, only one device at a time can use the connection.

On board systems of all ships support 3G technology. The cost of data roaming can be very expensive; we recommend that you check with your telephone provider before departure. The satellite signal may be subject to significant fluctuations due to bad weather, sea conditions and natural barriers; the signal is therefore slower than on land and not always available. On all other ships, the only option to connect to the internet with your smartphone or tablet is through Wi-Fi.

The ship is equipped with a satellite telephone system that enables you to make calls while you are at sea, direct from your cabin. Calls will be charged to your on board account. You can make calls to the ship from land, the operator will then connect you to the requested person.

The ship also provides a GSM connection for mobile phones, so that you can call or send messages using international roaming.

When you connect to the GSM on board, your phone will display the "name of the ship", "901.12" or "TELENOR MARITIME/MCP" (for MCP) or TIM@SEA, or 901 26 or NOR 26 (for Telecom). GSM switches off automatically when the ship enters a port.
It is advisable to contact your telephone provider before departure, as the costs for international calls may be very high and are almost never included in the packages offered by telephone companies.

If you want to send a fax from on board, please contact the Front Office for more information (paid service).

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