During our cruise you will discover Brazil, a land characterized by a lot of differences, but united by the beauty of its nature and by the sympathy of its people. Many of them are European immigrants who were able to integrate their different cultures.
Brazil is a thousand trips bundled into one. Each excursion is a different concentrate of feelings. And vacations in Brazil are a unique experience. You will visit Rio de Janeiro to the rhythm of samba. You will have lunch in a prime-rib restaurant and then climb Sugarloaf Mountain and see the city from above. Below you, thousands of people face everyday life with a simple spirit and genuine optimism. You will visit the enchanting Salvador da Bahia, a city of unresolved contrasts and blinding colors. Between the splendor of Afro-Brazilian music and the amazing choreography of capoeira, a street practice that combines dance with fight, you will understand the meaning of “saudade”, the poetic expression that means “nostalgic regret” in Portuguese.