China is immense: there are so many things to see, so many ports to dock, so many people to meet, and so many excursions to take to better understand the locals.
Everything here is new for a Westerner but, without having made a cruise to China, one cannot be said to have seen the world. An immense territory that stretches from the snowy peaks of the world's highest mountain chains to one of the most impenetrable deserts, from forests to the sea. Tea, rice and spices are grown in entire regions and form the basis of exports. But China also has a Western aspect, which is reflected in the gleaming glass skyscrapers of Shanghai. The capital, Beijing, is a megalopolis and Hong Kong is a dream reflected on the water of its bay. Everything is fascinating: the art, the traditional architecture, the martial arts, the fabrics, the wonderful food and even the modernity of cities still linked to an ancient past.