Cook Islands

The Cook Islands, named in honor of the famous Captain James Cook, are located in the South Pacific Ocean, in Polynesia. You will visit them on our cruise.
Most of the Southern islands are volcanic: Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Atiu, Mitiaro, Mauke and Mangaia, including the small Manuae and Palmerston atolls. The Northern Group, instead, consisting mainly of coral atolls, includes Manihiki, Perhyn and Nassau as its best known Islands. The largest island is Rarotonga, where half of the local population lives, characterized by a low sandy coastline in its western and southern parts, while the northern and eastern parts is rocky. Here, the master is the sea, in its many spectacular manifestations. The cruise includes a visit to the island’s main points of interest, such as the old historic village of Pietra Killing Marae and the Guilty Stones.