Egypt is not just about Cairo and Pyramids. Of course, the capital and the archaeological area are worth a shore excursion, but then there is one of the most beautiful seas of the world we do fascinating dives and enjoy a splendid, relaxing cruise.
No need for cylinders or certification: you can just put on a mask and push off a few feet from the shore where the water suddenly gets deep and there, as if by magic, we find a world of many colors. During the cruise in Egypt, crossing the Suez Canal on our Costa ship is an emotion that always repeats itself with great intensity, almost a right of passage. Port Said, created to accommodate the workers who built the Canal, is now a bustling city where the flow of ships is continuous and orderly chaotic. Cairo remains a charming town between its bazaars and the hustle and bustle of the second largest city in Africa. A visit to the Egyptian Museum is an absolute must.

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