The trip to India with Costa Cruise will let you discover cities like Goa and Mumbai, Cochin and Kerala, all characterized by bustling throngs, rich colors, and the humanity of the people, which towers over the beauty of the area. An India of colored and golden temples that gleam in the sun, an India of gaudy silks and soft pashminas, an India which is a never-ending smile, heart-felt and open. An India of frenzy and traffic, of fog and light, of Ganges waters, of castes and resurrections, of sweet music and delicious cuisine. An India that always looks sublime even when it touches the abyss: you can only understand it by experiencing it and only thus can you love it forever. At the end, you no longer know which way is up and down, light and shadow, heaven and Earth and then you discover that you should not look for contrasts but just surrender to the beauty of these places, different but complementing, aboard one of our cruise ships

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Bombay is India, contradictions and chaos, sublime beauty and poverty, gold and dust. Nothing in the world has the same charm as Bombay.

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