Ireland, before being a territory to visit on a cruise, is a strong, generous and brave people, like their ancestors the Celts. “The Emerald Isle”, so-called for the wide green expanses that cover it, send us the magic of its legends.
Ireland is music, pubs and a limitless sky that, in the words of the song, “is an ocean of clouds and light”. The prevailing green nature, castles perched on inaccessible locations and wind which carries salty smells excites us. During the cruise in Ireland we see the Green Midlands, the regions of lakes and bogs, the West Coast full of cliffs and crowded with islands. A well-known Irish symbol is the clover, with which St. Patrick used to explain to the people the significance of the Christian Trinity, and today we also find it in the logo of a famous dark beer. We have the time to do some shopping in the beautiful Dublin and, of course, we can buy the white, large cable-knit Aran sweaters.