Surrounded by beauty, we have this opportunity to view our Italian vacation from a different perspective, arriving by sea just as the great explorers did and as we do today with our Costa Cruise ship. The wonder of Italy is made of unmissable cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Pisa or fantastic sites such as the Salento, the Cinque Terre, the inimitable Portofino and the Amalfi coast or the crystal clear sea of Sardinia. Taking a cruise in Italy is not just about seeing unforgettable places, but mostly about enjoying an atmosphere which is the fruit of the Italian lifestyle. Knowing how to eat well, like the menu suggestions from the restaurants on board Costa, drink better and being able to look to the future with the disenchanted smile of someone who already has their own solution, are the secrets of the Italians. Infectious secrets that fill every heart with warmth.

Ports featured


Naples is the heart of the Mediterranean. An unrivaled city where everything is a pleasant experience. Enjoy pizza, sfogliatelle, and coffee.


Venice, home of romance, well known as the city of water, also knows as "La Serenissima."

Unmissable shore excursions

Some of the most beautiful moments you can experience on a cruise.