South Korea, or the Republic of Korea, is a country almost completely covered with mountains and boasting over 20 national parks open to the public. An important destination for nature and spirituality lovers, but also for cruise vacationers.
Looking for Buddhism’s deepest roots, the South Korea cruise takes you to Gyeongju, the city of ancient Bulguksa Temple and the Seokguram Grotto, with its 10 feet tall statue of the Buddha. On Mount Gayasan, in Daegu, instead, there is the Haeinsa Buddhist Temple, the most famous in the country. Seoraksan is one of the most impressive parks there is Seoraksan, perched on the limestone and granite hills of the East Coast. For lovers of relaxation, shopping and beaches, the city of Busan is the ideal destination. The capital Seoul is a city that deserves to be observed from the Namsan Seoul Tower, which is over 656 feet tall. You will also find the time to eat something in what is known as the heaven of oriental cuisine.

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