Among banana plantations and sugar cane lies the tropical forest of Martinique, the French territory in the Caribbean Sea. Nature is certainly the most beautiful memory that you will have from our Costa Cruise. The island consists of mountains, among which stands the top of the volcano Pelée to the north. With the cruise in Martinique we visit the beautiful gardens at Ajoupa, then go by Jeep among banana plantations and tropical forests. So let us go in search of unspoiled nature in the forest of Saint-Joseph and the river Coeur Bouliki. Then we leave the mountains to reach the beautiful beaches: Of the white sands, Les Salines is the most beautiful, as in the eastern peninsula of Presqu’Île de la Caravelle, the beaches of Tartane and Anse l’Étang stand out, bathed by the Atlantic. In Fort de France, Martinique's main port, we visit the old town with Fort Saint Louis, the colorful central market and the central gardens of La Savane.

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On the beach of Salines, you can go snorkeling with colorful fish. You will fall so in love with Martinique that you will not want to leave.

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