New Zealand

In New Zealand the Maori spirit coexists with British culture. It is a fascinating country and the land of Hobbits and the Kiwis, which you will be able to explore with our cruise. Here, nature seems to have concentrated its most majestic expressions.
If you see more sheep than people, you are most likely making a trip to New Zealand. The country is consists of two islands: North Island and South Island. In the North, the bay and the port of Auckland are the landing point chosen by Costa Cruises. You will go up the incredibly high Sky Tower, where you will enjoy an incredible view over the whole city and take advantage of the trip to explore its neighborhoods. Just south of Auckland you will reach the city of Tauranga, the ideal port to learn about Maori lifestyle and traditions, due to the presence of many indigenous villages. In the fertile region of Bay of Plenty, in the orchards surrounding it, you will taste the sweetest and juiciest kiwi fruits you have ever eaten.