Puerto Rico

The archipelago where we will stop on our cruise consists of many islands, the largest of which is Puerto Rico. Its coasts are green and windy and protected by the mountains, while culturally it is a kaleidoscope of traditions and customs.
In San Juan, the capital, there are two opposing souls: the old colonial city with its traditions is mixed with worldly seaside life. With over one million inhabitants, San Juan, the port of call on our cruise, constitutes an anomaly compared to the small towns in the Caribbean. Luquillo Beach is perhaps the most famous beach. It is located about 31 miles from the capital and looks like a big crescent bay, bordered by palm trees and overlooking a lagoon with beautiful coral reefs. There are four cultures that mix in the archipelago and we will meet them during our trip to Puerto Rico: Taino, Spanish, American and African. From the latter were inherited typical dances like bomba and plena.

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