Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are part of the Lesser Antilles. And on our Costa Cruise, we will reach this place of peace and beauty, docking at Kingstown, the capital. They are made up of 32 islands with a rugged coastline which flows down into crystal clear waters with a turquoise hue. . Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are among the most popular destinations among cruise passengers in the Caribbean, but also a retreat for rock stars and famous people, who enjoy private islands such as the famous Mustique. Only ten of the islands are inhabited, which means that tourism here is “easy-chic”. Bequia is the largest island in the archipelago and has many beautiful beaches. Kingstown is the capital, a small tourist center that can be admired from the top of the fortress, which offers an excellent view of the entire archipelago. Colonial-style buildings alternate with Creole style houses and stone and brick buildings. By the side of the road, you can see the stalls of street vendors.

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