Turkey is a land perfectly suspended between East and West. Washed by four seas, all navigable during our cruises, it collects in its multifaceted architecture the impressive legacy left by the people who have lived in it.
Given the vastness of the territory, the cruise is the best way to make a trip to Turkey and thus visit its main places of interest. Istanbul, city of two continents and one of the most beautiful in the world, its glorious past reflected in every neighborhood, as evidenced by the numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Blue Mosque, which owes its name to the turquoise tiles on the walls and the dome, is one of the most important in the city and is close to the Hagia Sophia, a splendid example of Byzantine architecture. Smyrna, perhaps the birthplace of Homer, in addition to its close proximity to famous archaeological sites, counts many historical and artistic museums, and a big market, the Kemeralti Bazaar, where we find local handicrafts and traditional delicacies.

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