Albania is a country that has always preserved its traditions, cuisine and language, which are different from those of the Balkans where it is situated and where we will dock with our cruise.
Albania, land of ancient Illyrians, preserves Roman and Ottoman traces. It boasts three different UNESCO sites: Butrint, an ancient Greek city with beautiful remains and endowed with magnificent beaches, Gjirokastra, a medieval Ottoman town, and Berat, known as the city of a thousand and one windows. Certainly the southern area of the country is more interesting for tourist excursions, among rugged mountains and pristine coastlines. 3,369.42 feet high on the Llogaraja pass we can see Italy and Corfu, which you can visit on a day trip. But it is sunny Saranda, the most attractive access port for our cruise in Albania, which is excellent for strolling along the promenade and watching the sunset while sipping a cocktail.

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