Aruba is a wonderful island of the Antilles, which we reach with our Caribbean cruise. In Dutch, the capital is called Oranjestad which means “Orange City”, but the facades of the small houses all have a different color.
The capital is built around Fort Zoutman, tax-free docking port for our cruise, so you may want to do some shopping. Aruba is an island to go around in complete relaxation, ready to grasp the beauties and opportunities, and is also a real surprise for beaches that it has in store for us, such as Baby Beach with its very calm water or Eagle Beach at the base of the North West coast of the island, considered a of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. With our excursion during your trip to Aruba, we visit the caves in Arikok National Park, which surprise each of us with a different feature: firstly for the light entering from holes in the ceiling, secondly for the ancient drawings on the walls, and thirdly the heart-shaped entrance that earns the name of tunnel of love.

Unmissable shore excursions

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