Costa Rica

Every Costa Cruise offers some pleasant surprises, but the trip to Costa Rica deserves a separate discussion. Located in the heart of Central America, it is truly the land of happiness. Costa Rica, enclosed between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, occupies a small area mostly protected by parks and nature reserves, where we find an amazing variety of environments dominated by animal species as diverse as toucans, monkeys, giant tortoises, iguanas, chameleons, dolphins, corals, whales and sharks. The coastlines, wonderful on both sides, are a paradise for those who love diving, snorkeling and surfing, while the hinterland, where the tropical forest grows among volcanoes and waterfalls, is the destination for rafting, fishing, bird watching and hiking. Orchids and butterflies color our days cruising in Costa Rica, where the population is the mouthpiece of hospitality and cheerfulness.

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