Dominica is a small island of the Caribbean not to be confused with the Dominican Republic. Known as the nature island, Dominica is largely covered with lush rainforests and is ideal for a nice cruise.
Dominica is home to the second largest lake of steam in the world, that is, a lake continually boiling because of the hot springs. The capital is Roseau, a pleasant town, and a harbor for our cruises and port of embarkation for the export of fruit, spices and essential oils, and in whose lush surroundings we admire the Trafalgar Falls, also known as “twin waterfalls." The Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997, is located on the island. The Park’s name means “mountain of the three peaks” and inside you will find unspoiled forests that are difficult to access. The most famous place in the Park is the “Valley of Desolation”, in which there are geysers and mud lakes, but also crystalline waterfalls and lakes.

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In Roseau, you can find an amazing variety of bananas and other tropical fruit. Or try and catch some whale and dolphin sightings.

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