As the name implies, Ecuador is crossed by the Equator and its capital, Quito, is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites due to its historic center, which is the best preserved of South America. This makes it an ideal destination for a cruise.
Geographically it that can be divided into four areas: the coast, the sierra, the eastern part and the island region with the Galápagos Islands. Ecuador is a land of great historical and cultural traditions, with a strong relationship with nature that governs its rhythms. Mount Chimborazo, 20,702 feet high, is the highest peak of the Andes and, due to its location on the equator, it is the world's most distant point from the center of the Earth. However, the Galápagos are the wildest, most rugged and vital scenery that you could ever meet while on a cruise and we cannot help wondering about the emotion in Charles Darwin’s heart when he saw them for the first time.