Hong Kong

Hong Kong, iconic and legendary city with a free heart, starring in every self-respecting vintage spy movie, will never disappoint your expectations when you will visit it on a cruise and will remains in your heart as an unforgettable memory.
Hong Kong is an amalgam of cultures, traditions and religions that coexist, creating a unique and fascinating social fabric. The port of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbor, was developed at the natural estuary of the Pearl River. It is here that every night the “Symphony of Light” laser and music show is beamed from the city’s skyscrapers,. And this is just one of the surprises that the city has in store for you during the cruise in Hong Kong. The atmosphere of Ladies’ Market is exciting, as is that of Temple Street Night Market. To admire the city's skyline we make an excursion to Victoria Peak. By cable car, in operation since the end of the 1800s, we reach the top of the hill and let our fantasy run wild admiring Hong Kong.