The islands of the Indonesian archipelago stretch from the Asian continent to the Pacific Ocean. Scattered like pearls in the sea, rich in natural resources and with an incredible variety of cultures, we visit them during one of our cruises.
On the cruise in Indonesia, we will arrive at Bali, an island that looks like a painting: the paddy fields along the slopes are like footprints left by a giant, volcanoes touch the clouds and the beaches are lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Jakarta is a city with one of the best views in all of South-East Asia: the Sunda Kelapa, the old Dutch port on whose waters float fabulous sailing ships, leaves us speechless. The Komodo dragons and giant lizards that we will see on the island projects us into prehistory, while on Lombok island we will appreciate the semi-deserted beaches and lush unspoiled nature. Semarang, the capital of the province of Central Java, is a large port city, prosperous and attractive.