A trip to Namibia allows us to appreciate the incredible perfection of the contrasts created by nature, especially along the coast. West of the central plateau, which divides the country from north to south, the dunes of the Namib desert reach the ocean. The beautiful port of Walvis Bay is the perfect spot to see pink flamingos, seals, and pelicans and is not far from Swakopmund, a city which still bears traces of German colonization. Our Costa cruise will take us along the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, a natural park where the dunes alternate with large open canyons on volcanic rocks. Continuing inland, towards the plains, we reach the capital Windhoek and the Kalahari desert. Here the savanna takes the place of the red sand of the Namib. We observe millennium-old vegetation and catch sight of lions, leopards, rhinos, zebras and elephants.

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