Easter Cruises: many surprises on the horizon

What is your dream travel destination for your next vacation? With Costa, you can travel to the Mediterranean with the whole family: find out what destinations and new adventures await you!

Prepare to set sail!

Have you looked at your plans for the upcoming Easter celebrations?

Several days of celebration means experiencing some of the most beautiful and best travel options from a different perspective. You can decide to take a cruise or a longer vacation by taking advantage of spring break .

You’ll find so many surprises on board: a special Easter menu, activities for children and adults, entertainment and so much more!

If you dream about the colors of Barcelona or the atmosphere of Palma and Kotor in the spring, this is the best time of year for a visit!

The best Easter cruises

Organizing a vacation for 7 days during spring break is a breeze. With Costa Cruises, you’re in for some wonderful discoveries: select your itinerary and book your vacation!

Depart from Civitavecchia on April 19 with Costa Diadema

8 days in the magic of the Western Mediterranean: Marseille, Genoa and Palma!

Depart from Genoa on April 19 with Costa Fortuna

8 days between Marseille, Barcelona and Valencia: see all the details and book!

Parti da Venezia il 21 aprile con Costa Deliziosa

8 giorni nella magia del Mediterraneo Orientale: Corfù, Atene, Kotor e Dubrovnik.

The surprises on board

Dinner on Sunday: Special Menu!

Easter with Costa is full of color and sensations. An incredible 16-course menu awaits you for dinner: from the Italian delicacies of appetizers and pasta to the international flavors of soups and unique dishes. And to top it off: a selection of cheeses and desserts. Let’s not forget the Easter cake!

The party atmosphere on board

Celebrate Easter on the Costa ships with colorful decorations, but that’s not all! There will be a range of activities: from egg decorating to games for children. Every corner of the ship will be decorated to make your vacation even more unique and unforgettable.

Activities on board: let’s decorate eggs

How long has it been since you’ve immersed yourself in creativity? Children will be the first to be involved in activities on board, but they won’t be the only ones! Everyone can decorate the eggs. It will be an opportunity to have fun and choose the color you like best to decorate with.

So many experience in a short amount of time.

With a Costa mini cruise, you’ll discover the most spectacular destinations in the Mediterranean. It will be a shorter, but very adventurous, travel experience!

Depart from Bari on April 20 with Costa Victoria

5 days in Kotor, Spalato, Venice: book your vacation now!

Depart from Venice on April 19 with Costa Victoria

4 days in Bari, Dubrovnik, Venice: book your vacation now!

Depart from Savona on April 20 with Costa Magica

4 days in Barcelona, Marseille, Genoa: book your vacation now!

April and May: a vast sea of offers!

How can you make the most of your spring break? By choosing a cruise to the Mediterranean or Northern Europe.

April cruises to the Mediterranean

All the offers of the month, choose your vacation!

May cruises to the Mediterranean

All the offers of the month, choose your vacation!

May cruises to Northern Europe

All the offers of the month, choose your vacation!