Looking for a different cruise experience this Summer?

Live La Dolce Vita on board in an immersive international experience! Explore some of our most popular destinations including the Western Mediterranean, the Eastern Mediterranean, and Northern Europe

Western Mediterranean Cruises

Explore ports of calls in Italy, Spain and France

Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

Visit historical locations in Italy, Greece, and Croatia

Cruises to Northern Europe

Magnificent landscapes await you on a cruise through Northern Europe

A Different Cruise Experience

Italy's Finest

Representing Italy's finest with unique interior designs, furnishings, Italian cuisine, and beautiful art. Enjoy some of the most popular Italian brands onboard including Barilla pasta, Illy Coffee, Ferrari Spumante, and Aperol.

A Different type of Cruise Experience

An international atmosphere onboard that attracts a unique blend of guests from around the world. Enjoy festive evenings that include full production shows and exhilarating parties like our White Night and Masquerade.

Enrich your Experience

Explore different ports of calls with CostaTours. Guests of all ages can experience unique adventures. With over 2500 different shore excursions there is an adventure for everyone. Experience the places you visit from a different perspective

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Summer Deals

Explore our most popular destinations including the Mediterranean and Northern Europe

Be one of the first to sail on Costa's newest ship!

Inspired by Sardinia's Emerald Coast, experience Costa Smeralda our first LNG ship!