Your Mediterranean cruise will consist of history, culture, stunning landscapes and iconic tourist destinations. The “Mare Nostrum” (Mediterranean Sea) is the cradle of civilization, and provides dazzling landscapes that change with every season. Each port is an historic marvel, a surprise, a dream. Costa Cruises leads us to discover those roots in the Mediterranean that encompass the cradle of Europe Greece, between history and legend, overlooks a beautiful sea within the grandeur of its monuments. Italy, with its thousand nuances from the North to South. And then France, with its splendor and its delicate landscapes and the proud and sanguine Spain, and its marvelous islands: the Balearic and Canary Islands. The Mediterranean is a foodie’s dream: while you sip a glass of prosecco or a refreshing sangria, you can taste the vegetables, fresh fish, pasta, soups, pizza and paella, that make the area such a paradise.

Ports featured


Barcelona's nightlife: among the "ramblas" we will discover great food and beer, but we are always under the watchful eye of Gaudi, who captured and expressed the soul of Barcelona in his architecture.


The cliffs of Santorini island shine with the bright white reflection from the houses that dominate the Mediterranean from the top of their summit.

Port Louis

The friendliness and hospitality of the Mauritians add a touch of folklore to the beauty of the Mascarene Islands, which comes from its magnificent beaches and preponderant nature.


Naples is the heart of the Mediterranean. An unrivaled city where everything is a pleasant experience. Enjoy pizza, sfogliatelle, and coffee.

St. Cruz de Tenerife

The port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the city’s access to the sea and characterized by a mix of cultures that have managed to coexist in harmony with each other.


Venice, home of romance, well known as the city of water, also knows as "La Serenissima."

Unmissable shore excursions

Some of the most beautiful moments you can experience on a cruise.