World Tour

Islands, isthmuses, coves, fjords, ports, in a unique travel experience that renews itself day after day for more than three months. Choose to be the star of a wonderful journey around the world, which touches five continents.

Each morning there is a view that is different from the previous one, but always exciting and engaging. These are places that come alive in our memories and in our imagination fueled by books we have read, films we have seen, from tales we have been told, which become the stars of the stages of this cruise around the world. From the Mediterranean you will venture out into the oceans, with a stopover in ports that are like pieces in a mosaic that highlights the diversity of the world: what emerges is a picture of places, people and cultures that are all different, but extremely fascinating because of this. All combined with the services and attractions that you will find aboard Costa cruise ships, which will make you appreciate the beauty of your trip even better.