South America

The Latin rhythm is with us on these splendid cruises in South America. Beautiful sea, landscapes and so many different emotions, in a kaleidoscope of colors where the luxuriant nature is mistress. South America is so vast and rich in different cultures, it cannot be described with a single word. You may come across endless territories of forests, deserts, beaches, glaciers, fjords and inlets, rivers so immense as to not see one bank from the other, and green so lush that it touches the sea. All dotted with animals of every species, some of them of rare exotic beauty. The European influence is noticeable and has left its mark in the customs, language and even in the architecture, often British, Dutch or mainly Portuguese in style, with clean colors and a neat appearance, which marks the boundary with the exuberance of nature that lies behind the city.

Ports featured


Uruguay has an enormously important historical, cultural and natural heritage. We take advantage of our stop in Montevideo to discover it.