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As the sun sets on the enchanting island of Bali, the magical sounds and mysterious evening shadows accompany us in an unprecedented journey through Bali’s nature and culture as we visit a magnificent park dedicated to colourful birds of all kinds, enjoy a delicious dinner with local specialities and attend a traditional dance show that takes our breath away.

What we will see
  • Village of Celuk: the art of crafting gold and silver
  • Bali Bird Park: amazing tropical birds and species from all over the world
  • Fascinating bird show
  • Typical Indonesian dinner al fresco in the park
  • Kecak dance show

What we will do
  • As the sunset gives way to the tropical night, a coach takes us to the village of Celuk home to skilful jewellers who are masters of the crafting of gold and silver. The streets are dotted with a series of workshops of different sizes where we can observe the craftsmen at work.
  • Our next destination is the spectacular Bali Bird Park, where we can admire the most exotic animals in Indonesia as well as colourful bird species from all over the world. We also attend a fun bird show that leaves us in awe and with our gaze fixed to the sky, we follow the fantastic acrobatics of these stars.
  • Inside the park, we take our place in an open-air restaurant area to enjoy a delicious dinner featuring traditional Indonesian dishes accompanied by the lovely chirping of the birds as they get ready for night-time.
  • After dinner, we move to a nearby location to attend a kecak dance show, a typical Balinese folk performance accompanied by singing men as dancers in colourful costumes narrate episodes from the Ramayana, the greatest epic poem in the Hindu culture.
  • The stage is lit only by flaming torches projecting mysterious shadows all around us and making the evening even more magical.
  • After this incredible experience, we return to the port with our minds and spirits filled with new emotions.

What you need to know