Shuri Castle & Shopping

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In this tour, you can enjoy the cultural site of Shuri Castle, beautiful man-made beach Chura SUN beach and shopping in Ashibina Outlet Mall.

Shuri Castle is formerly the residence of the Ryukyuan kings and the centre of a kingdom that lasted for almost 500 years, spanning 19 generations of kings - from the fifteenth century, when Sho Hashi unified the 3 Sanzan Kingdoms, until the Meiji Restoration (1868). It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The current building is a reconstruction, completed in 1992. After visiting Shuri Castle, you will briefly stop by the Chura SUN Beach. It is located 15 minutes of drive down south from the port. This beautiful artificial beach measures 700 meter long and safety nets are set up in the water. From children to elderly can enjoy at this beach. At the last, Ashibina is Okinawa's first ever outlet mall, with 70 world brands gathered in one location. On the ground floor, maker directly-managed shops and legitimate branches are standing next to each, offering goods at 30-80% of their regular price. On the second floor, the food corner gourmet zone has 6 restaurants and a 600-seat capacity. Within the facility, attendees give information to visitors regarding the amenities and shops.

What we will do

This tour will take you to Shuri Castle and DFS Galleria. Firstly, Shuri Castle is the most popular tourist destination in Okinawa mainland. It was the residence of the Ryukyuan kings and center of a kingdom that lasted for close to 500 years, over 19 generations of kings. (World Heritage Site). The current building is a reconstruction, which was completed in 1992. Secondly, you will visit DFS Galleria. It is located at the downtown of Okinawa. In this huge store, world top luxury brands are gathered. You can purchase goods such as latest fashion clothes, bags, watches with reasonable price. There are some DFS limited item you can purchase too.

What you need to know

Passenger should have strong support to assist with chair, if going to attempt this activity rated excursion. Wear low-heeled, comfortable walking shoes. Passengers are recommended to exchange Japanese Yen on board. Passengers with wheelchairs required to be negotiated to with few steps board the coach. Subject to change the order of itinerary without prior notice.