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Extreme Dominica offers an incredible adventure that allows you to experience the ravishing natural beauty of the island from the inside-out. Imagine hiking down through the rainforest to a secret waterfall that drops off into a hidden canyon far beneath the sunlit forest canopy. That is the beginning of the Secret Seven Waterfall Tour in Dominica's newest adventure sport, canyoning. Canyoning combines the get-wet fun of snorkelling and river tubing with the thrill of mountain cliff rock-climbing, yet no previous experience is necessary! The Secret Seven Waterfall Canyoning Tour: Seven spectacular, hidden waterfalls drop through a steep canyon which runs between Titou Gorge and the top of Trafalgar Falls. Safety first: After getting geared up at Extreme Dominica's headquarters at Cocoa Cottages in Shawford (en route to Trafalgar) you must complete a brief but thorough training programme where you will learn to harness up and repel down the side of a wall. You will then jump into the jeep and it's off to the secret site. Your heart is in your mouth as you peer over the top of that first rushing waterfall roaring over the edge into the shadowy abyss. “I'm going down there?” your common sense screams, but you are already harnessed in and away you go! Your legs are braced against the waterfall wall as pure, cold water cascades all around. You let out the rope with your right hand and slowly descend, step by step, into a new world. Soft green light filters down the cliff walls of this hidden gorge to the deep, pristine pool waiting far down in the heart of the river. Richard above you pays out the second security line as Jeffrey shouts encouragement from below. Your heart finally stops pounding as you touch down into the first of a series of incredible crystal-clear pools descending down along the canyon bed. Six more waterfalls await you, ending up appropriately, on the seventh fall, at the magnificent Cathedral Falls; complete with vaulted arched walls, recessed altar alcove and enormous overhead pipe organ root masses. A short hike out and you have left this secret world behind. Standing in the warm bright sunlight it almost seems like a dream. Luckily you have a store of incredible digital pictures taken with the waterproof camera provided by your host. All tours are conducted in smaller groups for a more personalised experience.

What you need to know

Space is limited, so please reserve early. Note: Don't forget your swimsuit, a t-shirt to change, sun cream and hat. Optionally you can take personal dive booties, wetsuit, waterproof clothes.