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    Grand Cayman

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    Nature excursion

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A trip on board a luxury semi-submarine for an underwater view of wrecks, coral reefs and the varied fauna of the Caribbean, followed by a land expedition to be overwhelmed by the adorable turtles of the only sea turtle farm in the world. But this excursion still has some surprises in store for us: indeed a mysterious journey to Hell awaits us!

What we will see
  • Marine Fauna of Grand Cayman
  • Seven Mile Beach
  • Sea turtle farm
  • Hell
  • A taste of rum cake

What we will do
  • We explore the marine wonders of Grand Cayman on board the Nautilus, the elegant and spacious, air-conditioned semi-submarine that slips effortlessly through the waters of the Caribbean, without ever fully submerging itself.
  • An amazing scenario emerges right in front of our eyes with spooky wrecks, coral reefs and an amusing fish-feeding show. We will also see giant tarpons, the strongest, largest and most agile fish in the region, stingrays, imbricated turtles, a protected turtle species with a marvellous shell, parrotfish, butterflyfish, angelfish and many other creatures.
  • The tour proceeds on land in an air-conditioned coach, with our guide providing a lively running commentary on the Island's past.
  • We go past the Governor's house and the famous Seven Mile Beach, one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean, with its 10 km of white sand and luxurious resorts, and finally we arrive at the one and only sea turtle farm in the world.
  • Our guide tells us all there is to know about these turtles, from the smallest ones to the big ones. Here we can even enter the water in a shallow pool to watch the baby turtles up close, pick them up and hold them in our hands and take pictures with them.
  • From water to fire. Indeed, we proceed towards Hell, in the north-west of the island, where we find a circular black limestone formation made up of coral pinnacles that look like what we imagine the flames of hell to be like. Of course we cannot miss the opportunity to send our friends and family a postcard from hell!
  • After a brief stop in one of the shops selling rum cake to taste this local delicacy, the coach takes us back to Georgetown, a few minutes away from our ship.