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Get ready to visit the strongest tidal current in the world – Saltstraumen – in a fast RIB boat. Half of the trip will be taken by bus, half by boat. The group will be divided into two smaller groups: one will head for Saltstraumen by bus on a guided tour through Bodø's surroundings, while the other group will be taking the large high-speed RIB boat on a tour through breathtaking landscape. Near the Saltstraumen Visitor Centre the two groups will meet and change places for the return trip to Bodø. Before boarding the boats you will be provided with a thermal flotation suit and life jacket together with headgear, gloves and goggles, and you will be briefed on safety issues and the kind of adventure you can expect.

Four times a day, 13 billion cubic feet of water are forced in and out through a passage 150 metres wide, 3 kilometres long and 25 metres deep, due to the difference between high and low tide in this area of Norway. When the current is at its strongest the speed can reach approx. 15 knots. This is a spectacular sight and a great photo opportunity. On your journey through the wild landscape there is a good chance you may spot sea eagles and see parts of the Caledonian Fold Belt, a range of mountains dating back over 250 million years. You mustn't miss out!

What you need to know

Space is limited, so please reserve early. The tour will be guided in an inflatable boat in English or in German language only. The itinerary can be reversed for organizational reasons The path on the hull boat is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The capacity on board the boat is 12 seats. We recommend warm clothing and appropriate footwear. Each participant will be provided with a boating suit, goggles, gloves and a helmet. The tour is not recommended for those suffering from seasickness, for those with back problems, heart problems and for those who have walking difficulties. The vortex of Saltraumen can not be reached during peak tides.

Departure times will be determined by the local agent and communicated to the ship the day before the excursion according to the different language groups. Therefore no changes can be made.