Kouri Bridge & Churaumi Aquarium with Dinner and

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    Sightseeing, Nature excursion, Meal included

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In this tour, you will visit Kouri Bridge, Churaumi Aquqrium and souvenier shop. Kouri island is connected with Okinawa mainland by the longest toll free bridge in Japan. With beautiful scenaries on both sides, Kouri bridge is also known as one of the popular scenic spot in Okinawa. Please enjoy the view. After visiting Kouri Island, you will visit one of the largest aquarium "Churaumi Aquarium". It is located in the Ocean Expo Park in the northern part of the Japanese island of Okinawa. Churaumi currently ranks as the largest aquarium in Japan and one of five largest in the world. The aquarium's exhibits have been designed to give visitors a glimpse into Japan's wonderful sea life and offer a view of the inhabitants of the sea like no other in the world, from shore-dwellers to those of the ocean depths. The Aquarium re-creates the waters of Okinawa, allowing you to admire the marine life that inhabits the various depths. You will also have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the imposing whale sharks, manta rays, yellow-fin tuna, and bonito gliding about in huge schools. The largest tank is 10 metres deep, 35 metres long, and 27 metres wide and displays 80 different species. Afterward, Dinner will be held with Ryukyu traditional dance show. You will be exploring exciting Okinawa tourist attractions.

What you need to know

Passenger should have strong support to assist with chair, if going to attempt this activity rated excursion. Wear low-heeled, comfortable walking shoes. Passengers are recommended to exchange Japanese Yen on board. Passengers with wheelchairs required to be negotiated to with few steps board the coach. Subject to change the order of itinerary without prior notice.