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    Olbia/Costa Smeralda

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    Sightseeing, Tasting

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We will immerse ourselves in Gallura's history and nature, meet its oldest "inhabitants", or the famous thousand-year-old olive trees, and visit two typical towns: Luras and Telti.

What we will see
  • Luras
  • Gallura Ethnographic Museum
  • Valley of Carana
  • Telti
  • Myrtle Tasting

What we will do
  • The excursion departs from the port and takes us to the heart of the Gallura region, where we will get in touch with the unspoilt nature, far from the lights and bustle of the coast.
  • The first stop planned is at Luras, a bustling town of uncertain origin; despite its location in the heart of Gallura, it has retained the Sardinian dialect typical of the western region of Logudoro. Historians believe that this pretty town was founded by a colony of 4,000 Jews exiled to Sardinia by emperor Tiberius in 19 AC.
  • After a brief visit to the town, we will head for the Gallura Ethnographic Museum where, lying next to over 5,000 pieces on display, you will also find the small hammer that is believed to have been used by the so-called "Femmina Accabadora", women who put an end to human suffering: a sort of early form of euthanasia.
  • After the visit, we will make our way to the Valley of Carana where we can see some of the oldest trees in Europe: the thousand-year-old olive trees, the oldest of which has a circumference of over 12 metres at the base of its trunk.
  • Then we move on towards Olbia, with a stop in Telti to visit the small historic centre and the residential hub of the town, all built around the square that is home to the Santa Vittoria cathedral where we can admire the colour of the local granite and a variety of murals.
  • Before boarding the ship again, we can't miss the chance to taste one of the typical local products: Myrtle, a liqueur produced from the berries of the plant with the same name.

What you need to know
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.