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A panoramic drive through the city showcases some of its highlights, including the Gateway of India, the Mumbai High Court and the University. 

What we will see
  • Crawford Market
  • Lal Baug Spice Market

What we will do
  • We will visit Crawford Market, named after the first Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai. It is housed in a building that looks like something out of Victorian London, but is overrun with a crazy riot of local color, including the chaotic wholesale cloth market with a tremendous variety of fabrics at hundreds of indoor stalls.
  • During the tour we will drive past Victoria Terminus, built during Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee year. This is an extraordinary conglomeration of domes, spires, Corinthian columns and minarets in a style described by journalist James Cameron as Victorian-Gothic-Saracenic-Italianate-Oriental-St Pancras-Baroque.
  • Next you’ll visit the Mumbai Spice Market affectionately known as Chilli Street. As the name suggests, this is the place where you will find all kinds of spices (whole and ground), from Kashmiri chillies to turmeric, cumin seeds, cinnamon, mustard seeds and much more. Nowadays, the Spice Market is also deals in jewelry, toys, household items, etc.
  • Making our way through the old part of Mumbai can be both exhilarating and chaotic, because the narrow streets offer little personal space for walking without nudging the person next to you. It’s an up-close and personal experience. Nonetheless it is a fascinating opportunity because every corner is a repository of ancient stories that are easily missed in the modern age.
  • You depart by coach to the airport to connect your international flight

What you need to know
  • This tour is sold to guests with international flights departing after 6:00 pm.