Ruin of Katsuren Castle & Shopping - Asian Guest

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    Sightseeing, Shopping, Lunch not included

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Ruin of Katsuren Castle & Shopping - Asian Guest

What we will do

In this tour, you will visit one of the world heritage sites of Ryukyu Kingdom and enjoy shopping at AEON Mall Rycom. Ruin of Katsuren Castle, constructed on the large hill of Ryukyuan Limestone, is known as the one of world heritage “the Gusuku Site and Related Properties of the Kinddom of Ryukyu”. In the past, while the Ryuku kingdom was getting stronger, the only forces remain against Ryuku is, the Katsuren Clan and the lord of Katsuren clan named Amawari attacked Shuri Castle to conquer Okinawa but ended up as a failure. Seeing this ruin and learning about the ancient history of Okinawa would surely make you reminiscence the ancient time of Okinawa.

The Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom offers extensive shopping, delicious cuisine and exciting entertainment while reflecting the culture, landscape and diversity that is distinctly unique to Okinawa.  From the commanding Shiisaa flanking the entrance to the breathtaking aquarium on the first floor, once you enter the Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom you will also experience the flavor of Okinawa in a truly modern way.