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An open-air museum, a community of artists and artisans, a traditional village that preserves the Polynesian past and a place dedicated to the most authentic displays of local culture - this is Tiki Village, where we spend a day in close contact with true Polynesians. The day is highlighted by a magnificent lunch with regional specialities and a relaxing break on the amazing beach.

What we will see
  • Transfer to the picturesque Tiki Village
  • Musical welcome in Polynesian style
  • Guided tour of the village
  • Visit to the traditional huts
  • Observing artisans at work
  • Delicious buffet lunch
  • Demonstration of how a traditional pareo is tied
  • Free time to relax on the beach

What we will do
  • We leave the port behind us and head towards the destination of our excursion: the Tiki Village, a charming reconstruction of a typical Polynesian village made up of huts with palm-leaf roofs dotted along the fabulous Moorea lagoon.
  • We enjoy a typical Polynesian musical welcome as we get ready to explore the island’s traditional culture.
  • We then embark on a guided tour of the village as we move from one hut to the next to admire the creations of local artisans including mother-of-pearl incisions, tattoos and _tiki_sculptures, typical Polynesian manlike statues symbolic of local spirituality.
  • We also share the traditions of Polynesia at the table as well with a delicious buffet lunch featuring numerous local dishes including grilled meat, salad, fresh fruit and desserts with a glass of lovely red wine and plenty of water.
  • During lunch, we are entertained by a demonstration of how a pareo is tied around men and women, suggesting original ways of wearing this piece of clothing.
  • In the afternoon, we have some free time available to relax on the beach and take advantage of the marvellous Polynesian sea for a refreshing dip before heading back to the port.

What you need to know