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In this half day tour, you will stop at one of the most beautiful beach in East Asia.

The beautiful sea which shines with emerald green, and its white sands which spread previously are wonderful. Yonaha Maehama Beach, known in Miyako Island as Maibama Beach, is praised as the best beach of the East Asia. With its 7-kilometer long shore of white sand and cobalt blue glittering water, it is regal for the eyes. Before going back to the ship, you will have time for shopping at local shopping center.The Ryugu Observatory which is one of the unparalleled view spots of Miyakojima. It is located on the Kima island and is carrying out appearance of the "Ryugu castle" literally.

What we will see
  • Ryugujo observatory on the island of Kurima
  • Yonaha-Maehama beach

What we will do
  • The first stop on our tour is the Ryugujo Observatory on the island of Kurima connected to the island of Miyakojima by the bridge of the same name (1.7 km long).
  • The observatory was designed to look like the “Dragon Palace”.
  • According to Japanese folklore, in fact, the “Dragon Palace” corresponded to the underwater palace of Ryūjin, the god of the sea who looked like a dragon.
  • The observatory offers magnificent views over the crystal-clear waters and surrounding beaches such as Yonaha-Maehama, Irabujima and the Kurima bridge.
  • Before heading back to the port, we visit the beach of Yonaha-Maehama which is 7 km long and is located south-west of the island of Miyakojima. It is a white sandy beach perfect for swimming and other water sports and famous for its amazing sunsets, which attracts many tourists from all over Japan and throughout the world.
  • The scenery that awaits us is surprisingly beautiful and, thanks to the combination of white sand, emerald green seas and coral reefs, this beach is considered among the best in Eastern Asia.

What you need to know
  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.
  • We recommend purchasing Japanese Yens on board.
  • Guests with mobility problems and those in wheelchairs will be assisted while getting on and off the coach.
  • Itinerary sequence may vary without prior warning.