Funaya boathouses, “Mondori” fishing experience and sake distillery

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After Sightseeing boats around Ine Bay, this tour will take you to the special and real life of Ine. Stroll around the streets of the funaya with a local guide. You can listen to the guides talks related the funaya, and about experiences of daily life that only someone living in this town knows. During the tour, you visit the inside of the funaya, and can see their unique construction in real life. By listening to the guides talks based on the daily lifestyle that you cannot know just by viewing from the outside, we hope that you will come to like the town of Ine even more. In addition, you can also experience the special Ine fishing method “mondori” which is performed regularly in this region. In the single sake distillery in Ine Mukai distillery, you can taste Japanese sake made with the shining sense of the female distiller, and all participants receive an “ochoko” cup as a present. These experiences would be unforgettable memory in your mind.

What we will see

• Funaya boathouses with visit
• Everyday life in Ine
• “Mondori” fishing method
• Ine Mukai sake distillery

What we will do

• Let us start our tour in the bay of Ine by admiring the famous boathouses called Funaya, which are built on special rafts at sea level so that fishermen can board their boats directly from their homes.
• We continue along the streets of the village of Ine with a local guide.
• The guide illustrates the everyday life of the village that only the locals experience.
• During our tour, we have the chance to visit a Funaya to learn more about the building’s unique architecture and the life of its inhabitants.
• We then leave the Funaya to find out more about ”Mondori”, the fishing method typical of the village of Ine.
• Before heading back to the ship, we enjoy one last stop: a visit to the Ine Mukai sake distillery where we taste the typical Japanese liquor and are presented with a traditional “ochoko” cup.

What you need to know

Please Note: Spaces are limited, so please book early. Guests are recomended to exchange Japanese Yen on board. The order of the itinerary may vary due to external factars such as Traffic Jam .Wear comfortable shoes are reccomended. ue to Travel season in Japan, heavy traffic jam will be expected. Higashi hennasaki cape light house is not included in tour. (additional fee is requested)the shigira lift ocean sky (pair lift)will take approx 13mins one way.wheelchair guests are difficult to participate. May close due to weather conditions.The clear vision of the landscape is subject to meteo conditions.

English & other European tour guides are subject to availability.