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Arashiyama is in the far west of Kyoto, tucked along the base of the Arashiyama Mountains (meaning “Storm Mountains”). It’s a fair distance from the center of Kyoto: whether you go by train, bus, bicycle or taxi, you’re generally looking at about a 30-minute trip. Still, it’s worth it for the number of great sights here.
The main street of Arashiyama, along with the famed Togetsu-kyo Bridge, which form the heart of Arashiyama. There are many spots to visit like Kameyama-koen Park, Tenryu-ji Temple and the Bamboo Grove, please enjoy strolling at your own.

What we will see

• Arashiyama
• Main street and Togetsu-kyo bridge
• Kameyama-koen park
• Tenryu-ji temple
• Bamboo forest

What we will do

• We leave the port and reach Arashiyama, a tourist destination in the western part of Kyoto at the foothills of the mountain of the same name (whose name means “Storm Mountain”).
• The site is one of Japan’s “Cultural Properties” due to its countless amazing views. During the Heian Period (794-1192), Arashiyama was a favourite walking destination with the Imperial Court. The landscape preserves so many traces of that period to this day, it is still possible to walk in a bamboo forest, admire blooming cherry trees in spring and red maple trees in autumn.
• Together with the famous Togetsu-kyo bridge (literally “Moon Crossing Bridge), Arashiyama's main street is the area's main place of interest. The Togetsu-kyo bridge was built during the Heian Period (794-1185) but was restored in 1930.
• We have plenty of time to see the main sights of Arashiyama, such as the Kameyama-koen park, the Tenryu-ji temple and the bamboo forest nicknamed the “enchanted forest”. The Tenryu-ji temple, built in the 14th century, is mostly known for its garden, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is the main temple of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism. The bamboo forest is made up of very tall bamboos swaying in the wind and creating natural music which the Japanese government declared one of the “100 Soundscapes of Japan”.

What you need to know

• It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach Arashiyama from the centre of Kyoto no matter what means transport is chosen.

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