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Hakodate Asaichi (Morning Market) can be found on a corner close to Hakodate Station, tempting visitors with an array of delectable fresh Hakodate produce. The Morning Market is open for business from as early as 5 am (6 am during the winter) and closes at noon. Seafood, vegetables, fruit and sweets are just some of the delights available for purchase. Enjoy a spot of shopping at the market and be sure to check out the live crabs and shellfish in their massive tanks.
The Goryokaku is a Western-style fort completed almost 150 years ago. A magnificent panoramic view of the entire star-shaped estate and surrounding moat unveils itself to visitors from the observation platform of the 107-metre Goryokaku Tower, which stands adjacent to the fort. The moat is surrounded by some 1,600 cherry trees, making the Goryokaku one of Hokkaido's top cherry blossom viewing spots in springtime. In summer, the moat is fringed with lush greenery, which turns into a blazing scene of crimson foliage in the autumn, which is then blanketed with snow in the winter, creating an extremely beautiful vista in all seasons.
Next, we will visit Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse. Down by the Bay area there are a series of harbour-front red-brick buildings that were once used as warehouses, more than a hundred years ago. The surrounding area is rich in historic ambience, and highlights include the canal that was once used for freight shipping and a famous stone bridge. The red-brick buildings are now home to around 40 unique shops, selling items such as knick-knacks and accessories.
The Mount Hakodate Ropeway departs from the Motomachi district. A perfect way to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

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