Tottori Sand Dunes and Sand Museum

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In this tour, you will visit the sightseeing icon of Tottori Prefecture.
Tottori City is endowed with Tottori sand dunes, the art of nature that the long years have created. Nature created the "Tottori Sand Dunes," a formative beauty created over the years.This desire came to life as the "Sand Museum" which opened at the Tottori Sand Dunes on November 18, 2006. The museum is Japan's only open-air museum exhibiting sculptures made of "sand." Katsuhiko Chaen, who is now active domestically and abroad as a sand sculptor and producer, is attracting attention as one of "100 Japanese individuals the world respects," is the executive producer of the museum. The highest level of sand sculptures in the world are exhibited every year, inviting sandsculptors from around the world.
You may also enjoy Japanese Set Menu lunch during this tour.

What we will see

• Tottori Sand Dunes
• Sand Museum with sand sculptures

What we will do

• Our excursion takes us to the city of Tottori, capital city of the Prefecture with the same name and its famous sand dunes, a masterpiece created by nature over many years.
• The Tottori sand dunes extend over 30 km² and is the only desert in Japan. They were formed over 100,000 years ago thanks to the sediments transported by the river Sendai flowing from the Chūgoku Mountains to the Sea of Japan. The sand is moved by the sea currents and wind so the shape of the dunes changes continuously. Due to the large number of tourists that visit this place, the Sand Museum was opened on 18th November 2006.
• It is the only open-air museum in Japan and the first in the world specialising in sand sculptures.
• Katsuhiko Chaen, the museum creator and manager, is so active on both a domestic and international level as a sand sculptor that he is considered one of the “100 Japanese People the World Respects”.
• The museum attracts sculptures from all over the world and every year displays sand sculptures of the highest level.
• During the tour, we have the chance to enjoy an excellent lunch with delicious dishes typical of Japanese cuisine.

What you need to know

• The order of the visits may vary and the coach transfer depends on the itinerary. * We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available. * Heavy traffic jams to be expected due to it being travelling season in Japan. * We recommend having Japanese Yens available as there are no exchange offices in the port. *Clear views subject to weather conditions. * Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

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