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What we will do

Leaving the pier your bus will pass trough Golden Bridge (one of the seven longest cable-stayed bridges in the world) from which you will enjoy a view of Golden Horn Bay. The ride will pass the historical and modern parts of the city, its outstanding architectural buildings and memorable sights. Your tour will take you to Eagles Nest viewpoint (with a monument to St. Kirill and Methodiy on the top). The nickname “Eagles nest” view point was earned due to the fact that when the first settlers climbed the top of the hill they found an eagles nest with the younglings inside. Enjoy a cosy souvenir shop to browse for and purchase handmade folk art and crafts (colorful shawls and Russian Samovar, lacquer boxes, shawls and traditionally Russian dolls-matryoshki, painted trays and jewelry, wooden  and ember products). The viewpoint provides vistas across the waters and to the hilly islands scattered over the Peter the Great Bay which frames the whole scene. You will see an example of Russian Orthodox Church and learn a lot about the history of Primorye, its citizens, their traditions and way of life.Next you will have a photostop to Central Square known as the "Square of the Fighters for Soviet Power in the Far East." In the center stands a monument which central focus is a trumpeter - the symbol of Vladivostok - often depicted on souvenir pins, books and brochures. It is the place of various meetings , demonstrations and farmers markets. Then enjoy views of Sports Harbor, favorite place for local outings. Walk through Arbat- former"millionka"- densely populated  slums in city center. It is believed that two boxes of gold coins were hidden in one of the buildings of "millionka" and are still  there.

Proceed further to the complex dedicated to the World War II. Part of the complex - a former submarine has been preserved and a portion of its hull turned into a naval museum. Nearby there is the Arch, exact copy of the Arch which was built in honor of zesarevich Nikolay at his visit to Vladivostok, and destroyed in Soviet times. The guests will admire its primordial architecture and immemorial Russian style. Very close to it there is a monument to admiral Kuznetsov.The Navy Headquarters located near the submarine monument will attract by its impregnable view.

What you need to know

Please Note: Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Due to the long walking involved in this tour, it is not recommended for guests with mobility problems and guests on wheelchairs as the venues are not wheelchair accessible. Appropriate dress code is strictly recommended. Short pants, tank tops and revealing clothing are not acceptable.Tour order and the duration on the sights may vary in order to avoid congestion between groups.