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The liveliest and most dynamic city in the far east of Russia opens its doors to modern travellers with its fascinating combination of past and present coexisting between the lush mountains and the ocean: in the interesting museum illustrating the history of the region, the huge city fortress offers breathtaking views and the picturesque corners of the city centre and the shops sell souvenirs and curiosities which enclose the Russian soul in amazing handicrafts.

What we will see
  • Spectacular Zolotoj suspended bridge
  • Eagle’s Nest: breathtaking views from the highest point in the city
  • Monument of Cyril and Methodius
  • Stop in a souvenir shop
  • History and Science museum: discovering the Russian far east
  • Visit of an Orthodox church (optional)
  • Lively picturesque Sportivnaja Gavan port
  • Vladivostok fortress: magnificent views of the bay
  • Stroll to the enchanting Main Square
  • Stop in a second souvenir shop

What we will do
  • We board our coach and set off to discover Vladivostok, an amazing yet little known city in the far east of Russia overlooking the Golden Horn Bay and characterised by a dual ancient and modern soul.
  • We drive along the Zolotoj bridge, suspended over the bay with its spectacular white tie-rods standing out against the blue of the ocean to reach the Eagle’s Nest viewpoint located on the highest point in the city where we can admire and take photographs of spectacular views of the seas and of the city below us.
  • At the top of the viewpoint we find the monuments to saints Cyril and Methodius who evangelised the Slavic peoples and who are particularly venerated in Russia. Our cameras capture the combination between ancient and modern, with the statue of the two saints surmounted by a futuristic metal structure in the guise of a chapel.
  • We then head to a souvenir shop where we can indulge in the purchase of arts and crafts typical of the Russian tradition such as colourful shawls, samovars, lacquered boxes, Matryoshka dolls, jewellery, wooden and amber artefacts.
  • Our next stop is the Science and History Museum where we have some free time available to explore the exhibition rooms. The items on display illustrate the region’s geography, history, flora and fauna as well as its development: an unmissable occasion to find out something more about the surrounding territory.
  • In front of the museum there is a lovely orthodox church that we can visit to get an idea of the Russian religion and spirituality and so making the most of the time we have available.
  • We then reach the picturesque Sportivnaja Gavan port, one of the most popular and busy places in the city brimming with cafés, food stalls and entertainment of all kind along the beach.
  • A short walk takes us to the Vladivostok fortress, a fortification system built during the Tsar era starting from the end of the 19th century. We visit the complex and, from its vantage point, we take in amazing views of the bay. The fortress was not built here by chance!
  • We also admire the Main Square overlooking the port and also used for events and markets, where we stop to take some photos of the buildings and monuments embellishing the square.
  • We end our excursion with a spot of shopping in a local store looking for the perfect souvenir to take home with us.

What you need to know
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.
  • Traffic jams are to be expected during tourist season.
  • Money cannot be exchanged in the port, we recommend buying Russian currency beforehand.
  • Visibility during the tour is subject to weather conditions.
  • Comfortable shoes with a low heel are recommended.