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We will immerse ourselves in the local culture and traditions, taking a look at their craftsmanship in all its shapes and forms; we will meet some monkeys in a sacred forest and, of course, refuel with lunch at a restaurant.

What we will see
  • Batik shop
  • Traditional residential complex
  • Traditional wood carving demonstration
  • Monkey Forest
  • Ubud traditional art market

What we will do

* After leaving the quay, we will arrive at a **shop dedicated to batik**, the traditional local technique used to dye fabrics. We will learn more about Bali's culture and art, which has always been an integral part of life on the island.

 * Our next stop will be a visit to a **traditional Balinese residential complex** where we will have the chance to admire an original house comprising three sections, each with one or more different buildings with a specific function – quite a rare kind of residence in modern-day Bali.

 * Then we will have the chance to take a closer look at Balinese culture by visiting a local community where **woodwork has become an art form**. Watching the artisans intent on creating magnificent sculptures, the crux of their daily life, will help us to understand that the pace of life and products created by man are still strongly linked to nature, animals and the simplicity of the local culture.

* After a brief wood carving demonstration, we will have the chance to visit the **arts and crafts shop**, which displays work from various artisans.

 * When we start to feel peckish, we will be served a **delicious lunch** in a local restaurant.

 * Then we will visit **Monkey Forest**, considered sacred in Hinduism. We will strong amongst the trees inhabited by monkeys, which often approach visitors in search of food.

 * Then we will reach the area where Ubud Royal Palace is located. We will have some free time for shopping in the distinctive and bustling **traditional art market**, where we can buy artistic products and typical items of clothing.

What you need to know

* Itinerary sequence may vary.

 * There is limited availability of Italian speaking guides; if none are available, the excursion will be conducted in English.

 * We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.

 * The excursion last approximately 8 hours, 3 hours of which are spent on the coach (there and back).