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We will discover the city of Denpasar with its commemorative monuments, opulent temples and bustling market where we can buy a wide range of products. We will also visit Bali Museum to find out more about the art and history of this fascinating place.

What we will see
  • Tour of Denpasar
  • Bajra Sandhi monument
  • Pasar Kereneng market
  • Bali Museum
  • Jagatnatha Temple

What we will do
  • We will leave the port of Benoa for a tour of Denpasar, the capital of the province of Bali and the former capital of the Badung empire until it was conquered by the Dutch in 1906.
  • Our first destination will be Bajra Sandhi, a monument that commemorates the Balinese people's struggle over the centuries. Built in 1987, it is located in the middle of a very popular park and is notable for its lavish decoration.
  • The inside houses 33 dioramas depicting the history of Bali in stages, from Pre-historic times to its independence in the 20th century. A spiral staircase provides access to the top of the monument, which offers 360-degree views of the park and the city.
  • The next stop is Pasar Kereneng, a collection of little shops and stalls that covers two historic markets in the city: Pasar Kereneng itself and the adjacent Asoka market, which is separate.
  • We will venture into the market where over a thousand merchants display their goods, including dresses painted using the batik technique, traditional utensils, children's games, intriguing arts and crafts, various tools and food products.
  • This market is also the ideal place to taste some delicious local dishes, such as the famous nasi babi guling, a rice and roasted suckling pig dish.
  • Before leaving Denpasar, we will visit the Bali Museum; which is strategically located in the heart of the city. It displays the art and history of Bali in a collection of theatre masks and musical instruments, sculptures and paintings, multi-coloured fabrics and archaeological findings.
  • A short distance from the museum, we will stop again at the majestic Pura Jagatnatha, a temple dedicated to Hinduism. It is one of the most popular and fascinating temples on the island, made of white coral and opulently decorated.

What you need to know