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This tour will take us to an intriguing museum dedicated to the millions of Germans who emigrated to America, following them on their journey through reconstructions of the main settings and taking a look at their daily lives once they settled on the other side of the ocean. An exciting step back in time to explore the not too distant past.

What we will see

  • German Emigration Centre
  • Reconstructions of the crossing's settings
  • Daily life for emigrants in America
  • Room to search for relatives  

What we will do

  • Our shuttle bus from the port will take us on a short trip to the German Emigration Centre.
  • We'll follow the journey to America that seven million German emigrants embarked on, full of hope, setting off from Bremerhaven, and we'll learn more about the true stories of the courageous people who sought their fortune in the New World.
  • The story of their journey is told in such an interesting way that it won the <b>'European Museum of the Year' award just after it opened.
  • Visitors have the chance to see the experience of these emigrants through their eyes thanks to reconstructions of the numerous places and settings on their crossing.
  • The journey is reproduced in detail: we'll see a replica of the quay where the emigrants waved their last goodbyes to their friends and relatives, we'll see a reproduction of their cabins on board the transatlantic ships, the registry rooms on Ellis Island and Grand Central Terminal, their entry point to America. We'll also learn more about the migrants' daily lives and their work once they arrived in the United States through models that show emigrants working in a New York delicatessen and a Chicago butcher's.
  • The families of relatives who emigrated to America and other countries have generously donated many of the items on display, and given that a very large number of people emigrated, the museum has set up a room where people can search for their relations.
  • At the end of the visit we'll return to the port by shuttle bus. Last shuttle bus from the city center at 1.00pm.

What you need to know

  • Tour includes the entrance fee of the museum and a ticket for the Shuttle bus.
  • The visit at the museum is free.
  • The tour does not feature neither a guide nor an escort.
  • As soon as you get to the museum you will need to go to the ticket office to convert the excursion ticket to the entrance ticket.
  • Last shuttle bus from the city center at 1.00pm.